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Photo Credit: Icah Wilmot

We are the women who surf.

We are the women who find ourselves drawn
to the great bodies of water covering this earth
with a board under one arm and
salt water pulsating through our veins.
The ocean is a place we like to call home.

There have been so many amazing women in surfing since its inception, from Linda Benson to Rell Sunn... I think there’s a really bright and beautiful future for women in general, but especially in women’s surfing."


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  • CJ Eklund

    CJ Eklund

    "I love that women's surfing is usually free of the aggression that you can sometimes find amongst the men and I really love the sisterhood that seems to bond us, even if we don't know each other. I was once surfing at a break in Australia and having trouble catching …Read More »
  • Miranda West Darley

    Miranda West Darley

    “It’s interesting to see the varied reactions I receive from guys on days when I’m the only woman out in overhead conditions. Sometimes it’s positive, sometimes it’s hostile. I’ve found that bad vibes in the water present the opportunity to go inward, focus on why I’m there, who I’m there …Read More »
GiGi Lucas
Photo Credit: GiGi Lucas founder of @surfearnegra

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