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Photo Credit: Icah Wilmot

We are the women who surf.

We are the women who find ourselves drawn
to the great bodies of water covering this earth
with a board under one arm and
salt water pulsating through our veins.
The ocean is a place we like to call home.

There have been so many amazing women in surfing since its inception, from Linda Benson to Rell Sunn... I think there’s a really bright and beautiful future for women in general, but especially in women’s surfing."


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  • Of The Sea

    Of The Sea

    Katherine Terrell's life began in the ocean. At age five, she launched off the coast of Vietnam as a refugee to cross the Pacific Ocean by boat with her father and pregnant mother. Today, she is a steward of positive change. Of the Sea dives deep into the heart of …Read More »
  • Jordyn Romero

    Jordyn Romero

    "I grew up landlocked in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was a total poser in high school. My room was plastered with surf posters and I threw shakas more than I like to admit. I’m not sure what first sparked my fascination with the ocean living so far away from …Read More »
GiGi Lucas
Photo Credit: GiGi Lucas founder of @surfearnegra

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