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Photo Credit: Icah Wilmot

We are the women who surf.

We are the women who find ourselves drawn
to the great bodies of water covering this earth
with a board under one arm and
salt water pulsating through our veins.
The ocean is a place we like to call home.

There have been so many amazing women in surfing since its inception, from Linda Benson to Rell Sunn... I think there’s a really bright and beautiful future for women in general, but especially in women’s surfing."


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  • Steffi Bidochka

    Steffi Bidochka

    "I grew up with an intense love for the ocean, which was strange to everyone around me in my little landlocked hometown. My mom shared this love and I remember she would pull up live surf cams of Cali and Australia and we would watch the surfers every morning from …Read More »
  • Martina Audrey Vicencio

    Martina Audrey Vicencio

    "I love how the ocean has the magic to heal - physically, mentally and emotionally, I can go to the beach and drag an invisible baggage of hurt and distress and I would leave the place changed and a better version of myself."Read More »
GiGi Lucas
Photo Credit: GiGi Lucas founder of @surfearnegra

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