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WE are the women who surf. We are the women who find ourselves drawn to the great bodies of water covering this earth with a board under one arm and salt water pulsating through our veins. The ocean is a place we like to call home. We are captivated by her power, and find sanctuary in her depths.

The Ocean is Female isn’t about marketing bikinis or flaunting buttcheeks. We are here to represent every surf sister who lives for the joy of slipping along a glassy face. We are focused on what women’s surfing is really about: real, badass women waveriders who go the distance to catch their next stoke-filled session.

By sharing their stories, we give you women’s surfing in the raw, unfiltered light that it deserves. We’re energized by the breath of the passionate female surfistas who have lent us their quotes, perspectives and wisdom… and to put it simply,

we are here to make waves.

How It
All Got

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We started as two chicas from California who got to feeling a little salty one day about the way the surf media industry represents women… and wanted to change the narrative.

We’re honored by the stories you’ve shared with us as a result of this project. Our biggest thanks goes out to Mama Ocean for connecting us with inspiring surf sisters from around the globe. 

-Clarissa & Tiare