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Amanda Prifti

Concord MA, USA

Photo Credit: @chinacarracedo

Photo Credit: @chinacarracedo

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Photo Credit: @jackxmcauliffe

Years in surf photography: Almost 1 year (I started in Dec 2018)

Favorite Camera: Gary McNeill twin fin / Canon, 50mm lens, Aquatech housing

Instagram: @photosbyprifti

Photography website: 

What inspired you to take photos in the water? Raised in Massachusetts by two photographers, I was taught to see the world through my own, unique perspective. But it wasn’t until I discovered surfing that I became a photographer myself.

In 2018, I arrived in Sri Lanka for what I thought would be a short holiday, but on my third day, I took a surf lesson and that was it. I fell so in love with surfing that it changed my whole life. In the sea, I found pure joy and through my fellow surfers, a sense of community that I didn’t know I was missing.

As a surfer, you connect with the environment in such a pure way, accepting and utilizing the given conditions. As a photographer, you do the same, capturing the beautiful moments and emotions of riding a wave. Surf photography is my holy grail, allowing me to connect with nature and the present moment in the deepest way possible.

What is your philosophy on surfing/surf photography? When in doubt, always go out. Whether I’m shooting, catching waves or just navigating a crowded line up, I never regret a session.

Most memorable surf photography moment? Hurricane Dorian, Sept 7, 2019.

I’ve spent the last few months chasing waves on the East Coast, where I grew up. Dorian was my first Hurricane swell and it was definitely one to remember. From dawn till dusk, it was absolutely pumping. The excitement and buzz was electrifying. Photographers lined the beach and a handful of pros showed up to score alongside the locals. These were definitely the heaviest waves I’ve swam out in and it paid off; my photos were picked up by Surfline, Magicseaweed and a few local magazines. Not only my most intense session to-date, but also my first bit of recognition, both of which felt amazing.

Surf photography goals? If I knew that my surf photography, or my perseverance out in the waves, was able to inspire other women to hold their own in the male-dominated surf / surf photography scene, that would make me so happy. It really comes down to connecting with like-minded people and sharing the stoke. I truly believe that we’re each stronger together, and should be spreading love and support rather than negativity and competition.

Favorite spot to take photos? Anywhere that’s pumping 🙂 Nothing compares to swimming out in 10ft barrels; your heart is racing with excitement and your body is pushed to its limits. It’s the most present I’ve ever felt, completely focused and in the moment. It’s as if land ceases to exist. And when I hit the shot of the day, I feel a satisfaction that I can’t get anywhere else. It’s completely addicting!

You can follow my photography on Instagram @photosbyprifti and learn more about my social enterprise at @sea_sisters_lk or

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