Cristina Gareau

Tofino, British Columbia

Surfer: Natsumi Taoka

Surfer: Lydia Ricard

Surfer: Katherine Diaz

Years in surf photography: Two years

Favorite board/camera: Favourite board is Bing, and camera is Canon

Instagram: @cristinagareau

Photography website: 

What inspired you to take photos in the water? I was definitely inspired by all the different women living in Tofino. There are so many inspiring women in Tofino. Entrepreneurs, artists, surfers, photographers, they all seem to follow their dreams without fear and definitely help each other pursue their own. Photography had been a dream of mine for a while but I was injured back then and swimming was the activity suggested to me for healing. It all came together at this point and I fell in love. The ocean healed me but also taught me my greatest passion, photography.

Favorite time of day to take photos? Sunrise.

How has your photography life in water affected your life on land? Aside from surfing, I do a lot of lifestyle fashion photography. Having learned photography in the water, I got to appreciate minimal backgrounds, movement, silky lines and soft colours. I believe this all reflects in all my photography without me even noticing it anymore. Surf photography taught me to find new ways to look at things we see everyday. I was always worried I wouldn’t find my style, but I guess it found me in the water.

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