Daydream Surf Club

Join iaera surf and The Ocean is Female as a member of our Daydream Virtual Surf Club! This club is designed to connect our international surf community beyond social media via a series of curated events, workshops, and virtual social gatherings.
Daydream Surf Club start date: May 14, 2020
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Why this, why now?
The Daydream Surf Club is a virtual community project between iaera surf & The Ocean is Female. This digital experience began as an effort to bring together surfers from all over the world to create community in the time of quarantine, isolation and (for many) no access to surf.

After 4 short and amazing weeks of our retreat, we recognized the lasting need for a virtual surf community and are proud to extend our retreat into the Daydream Surf Club.

We invite you to join us as a member of The Daydream Virtual Surf Club to enjoy our favorite parts of the retreat:

- Surf themed workouts
-Virtual community events
- Workshops

Come build relationships and connect to our international surf community outside of the water and beyond social media.
What does it include?
Some Events We're Looking Forward to!
Daydream Surf Club Launch!
Surf Themed Workout
Meet the Community!
Local Brews Local Breaks