Dominique Miller


Photographer: @jimrussi

Photographer: @nick.oahu

Years Surfing: 10+ years

Fave Board: 9’0 single fin longboard (my blue and white polka dot one) made by JRichardson

Instagram: @nique_Miller

Who got you started surfing? My friends got me started in surfing. Before that I was a competitive runner. When I first when out with my friends I was horrible, I had no clue what I was doing and had very little instruction from my friends who were beginners themselves. I spent almost 2 hours in the water floating around and trying to paddle on to waves. I finally caught one and stood up for a second…but just knowing how it felt and that I was able to accomplish it got me hooked! I started going out everyday again not really knowing what I was doing but I learned quickly by watching others and trying to mimic what they were doing and where they were sitting in the line up. Eventually I got better and better and when I got my very first board then my level really progressed. I was able to surf everyday whenever I wanted not just when the beach stand was open. I was able to surf different breaks and meet a lot of new people.

What is your philosophy on surfing? Surfing means everything to me it’s more than just a sport it’s a lifestyle, a vibe. It is being surround by such a powerful force of nature and trying to be one with. Surfing brings me happiness, growth, relaxation, strength and purpose.

Where do you see women’s surfing in the future, say 10 years out? I see women’s surfing only progressing in 10 years. Already from were I started to now I see a huge increase in women in the lineup surfing. I see a lot more young girls trying it out. I was even so lucky enough to come across a young girl in New York Named Mackenzie tell me that she was inspired to start surfing after she watched my quarterfinal heat against Izzi Gomes last year in the New York Sup Open. She said after that, she started surfing everyday and wants to one day be a professional surfer like me…it was so humbling and rewarding knowing that my passion and love for surfing and competing had the affect on someone else to want to try it!

Most memorable surf moment? My most memorable surf moment was actually this past contest I had in New York for the Sup World Tour. It was my round 2 heat and I had to place in the top 2 to advance to the quarterfinals. I was in third place most of the time and with 5min remaining I was able to get a a decent wave score which bumped me into second place above my friend Gabby. Just a min later she got a wave that moved her into second again…I was down to 2min left in my heat and I needed a low 4 (score) to bump me back into second. I was getting anxious and worried and like oh no I can’t lose I don’t want to get knocked out…no not after how far I come and how well I did in last years one….so I just remember taking a deep breath and telling myself to relax and that 2min is plenty of time to get the wave I needed and the score I needed. I remember thinking be patient the ocean will you give you what you need if you believe. So I waited and with a min and half left saw a good wave coming to me caught it and remember feeling so calm on it and doing a couple of good turns. After I got off the wave there was 40 seconds left and i looked back at the judges waiting to hear the score they gave it…and being like come on I know it was good…and then they said the score and it was more than I needed and bumped back into second place and with that the time pasted and Gabby didn’t get another wave and I was able to advance. I know this isn’t the most amazing winning moment of my surf career but this moment stuck out the most to me because normally I get nervous or fluttered in those situations and mess up on the wave or paddle all around missing waves. So this showed me how far I have come and matured and that to be patience and believe in yourself because you are able to achieve greatness if you believe in enough.

Surf travel story? I absolutely love traveling for surfing. It’s so amazing to see the other surf cultures in the world and to surf different waves then what I surf at home. This really helps my skill grow being able to surf all kinds of waves in different conditions. My next surf trip/contest will be a longboard event in Baja Mexico 🇲🇽. I’m very excited about this because I have never surfed the west coast of Mexico and it has been a big goal of mine for a longtime. Mexico has amazing waves and great food so I can’t wait to surf all day and eat lots of Tacos lol

Favorite spot to surf? I really love surfing Waikiki. It’s my where I live and where I spend the most time surfing. I also really enjoy surfing in Big Island. The waves there especially on the east side are so challenging and hard to figure out. Most of the breaks have a river that feed into the ocean so it’s a mixture of salt and freshwater that make the wave so levelly and shifty, it also makes a strong current push. The waves here are completely different from Waikiki so it’s always a challenge coming over here and surfing. Waikiki waves are so perfect and defined. It’s good though, seeing how different it is and how good I feel every time I can catch a wave at Honolii (Hilo) and master it.