Photo Credit: @sarahlee

Jordyn Romero

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Photo credits: @sarahlee

Photo credit: @sarahlee

Photo credit: @sarahlee

Photo Credits: @sarahlee

Years Surfing: 4 minus 1 to a broken arm

Fave Board: My 5’6 dead kooks that I call ‘Beam.’ She’s a beautiful work of art that glides like no other hahaha.

Instagram: @jordynromero

What/who got you started surfing? I grew up landlocked in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was a total poser in high school. My room was plastered with surf posters and I threw shakas more than I like to admit. I’m not sure what first sparked my fascination with the ocean living so far away from it, but I really connected with what surf culture represented and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Though I didn’t have an ocean to play in, I had desert roads and snowy mountains in the Winter. Skateboarding and snowboarding gave me the craving to surf and I figured I would pick up surfing right away – which was an ABSOLUTE misconception. As I’m sure everyone has learned on their own: surfing is not snowboarding. Surfing is not skating. It is its own beast. But it became my beast, and now we get along quite well.

What is your philosophy on surfing? Surfing is a dance with nature. A two foot tango with the inertia of a wave.
It’s one of the only experiences in the world that allows you to feed your body, mind and soul all at once. It’s physical to paddle into swell and to hop up, it’s mental to read a wave and position yourself to catch it, and it’s spiritual to be completely immersed in the Earth’s energy.

How has your surfing life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? I can’t think of an aspect of life on land that hasn’t been affected by surfing. It’s impacted every decision I’ve made, especially since moving to California almost four years ago. The most influential impact is probably my passion to pursue documentary filmmaking. I love to tell female-driven stories for positive environmental change through the lens of surfing. My films have explored issues of plastic pollution, fashion consumption and even nuclear waste! At the root of these stories is surfing. More than just surf porn, they explore our human connection to the water. The best part of this career path is that I get to spend my days “on set” at the beach, all while protecting those waves we love!

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