Kristina Young

Ocean City, New Jersey, USA

Founder of Peace of Wood

Years creating surf art: 5 years

Fave board: 9’0 longboard from Eightsixteen Surfboards (Chris Johnson) a local shaper from Cape May,NJ

Instagram: @kristina_artofpeace & @peaceofwoodocnj

What/who inspired you to start creating surf art? I paddled out for the first time 5 years ago with my husband Marshall. I had an immense fear of the ocean, but the second I caught my first wave, I couldn’t imagine my life without the ocean. I have been creating surf art since that day.

What is Peace of Wood’s ocean-friendly mission? The deeper my connection with the ocean grew, the more I became aware of my impact on this earth. She has changed my path and I’m forever grateful.

Over the years I’ve really made an effort to reduce my carbon footprint. I’ve realized how much one person can make a difference and everyday we make choices that have an impact!! As an artist, the wood I use is often scrap or cutoff from my husband’s woodworking, I utilize all supplies until there is literally nothing left, I use compostable and recycled materials for packaging and shipping, and am constantly trying to utilize any scrap material in a creative way. I am very mindful of where my apparel comes from and they are often made from recycled material. For me, this is just a start, and there is always room for so much growth. I will continue to strive to make my business as eco-friendly as possible.

Is being a female surf artist come with its own set of challenges? I find it to be so empowering!! It has connected me with the most amazing women. We all share a love for the ocean and for creating art in some form. I hope to continue to cultivate that community and connect as many people through art as I can !

As much as I love it, there is always room for growth. I would love to see more culture in surf art. I’d love to see all races/ethnicities represented in the surf art world. That is a huge inspiration to my art.

Do you surf as well? I paddled out for the first time 5 years ago and have been learning ever since. I am forever a beginner and fall on way more waves than I catch!! But surfing is so much more to me than catching the most waves. The ocean has changed my life, changed my path, and inspired every part of my journey as an artist. Just paddling out, being in the moment, having dolphins swim by, it’s truly magical!! I truly can’t wipe the smile off of my face. I never take for granted moments in the ocean, I am forever grateful for all she has given me.

Surf art goals? To spread as much joy and happiness through my art with the world. To raise awareness for our oceans and why we must stand up to protect her. To inspire people that you’re never to old to take a new path or try something new! To bring people together and encourage others to never stop following their dreams!!!

My art has to be and always will be about stopping, breathing, and being in the here and now. I hope each of my pieces brings peace to others.

Who are your surf art heroes, and why? All the surf artists in my community inspire me daily!! They are paving their own paths and killing the art game. I’m surrounded by the most amazing group of creatives that inspire me, encourage me, and push me in and out of the water. Those ladies are my true heroes!

How has your surfing/art life affected the rest of your life on land? Surfing changed my life and my path. I never started painting until I started surfing. The ocean inspired me in ways I never thought possible. It lead me down my path as an artist and as an entrepreneur. I am forever grateful for all the ocean has given me. The ocean is where everything began.

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