Maggie Higgins

New Jersey, USA

Surfer: Bryan Yarbrough

Surfer: Scott Holmes

Surfer Unknown

Years in surf photography: 3 years

Favorite board/camera: 9’4 single fin. Canon 5d Mark iii

Instagram: @maggiehphoto

Photography website:

Surf photography travel story? In 2017, I flew out to California to meet my mentor Tatsuo Takei. He taught me a lot. From shooting surfers with 35mm film to the meaning of life and the appreciation of surfing. That was the best trip I’ve ever taken.

Favorite time of day to take photos? Definitely sunrise. The colors are insane here early on the east coast and there are very few people out in the morning which can usually make for a nice photo.

Most memorable surf photography moment? Favorite story would have to be when @space_bat_killer invited me out to shoot on November 25, 2018. The waves weren’t that great and the current kept pulling me out of position. Luckily his friend Danny offered to tow me into the right spot by holding onto his leash. After that he invited me out for pizza and 9 months later he’s now my boyfriend. Very romantic, it will always be my favorite story.

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