Marina Emerald


Photo Credit: @devoncooper7_

Years in surf photography: 5

Favorite Camera: board- depending on the wave 😉 / camera: canon5d IV but my fav lens is the 50mm 1.4

Instagram: @marinaemerald

Photography website:  I love filmmaking and creating, if you feel like checking my Vimeo channel you’ll get a vibe of what I like to do. I also have a small visual art studio with a friend called @craftwerkstudio
we do photography, videos, create content for social media, websites, graphic design… .:)

What inspired you to take photos in the water? I’ve been a photographer for so many years and always been around water, surfing, diving… so I guess my life took me there, always admiring surfing photography, ocean photography, underwater photography… I wanted to be behind the lens taking those beautiful images.

What is your philosophy on surf photography? For me is about sharing what I love, I love getting out there alone or with friends, same as surfing, and being able to show what I see through my eyes and lenses I think is something really beautiful to share with the world. I feel so thankful when I see other photographer’s art.

Do you surf as well? What came first? I was a photographer first , then surfer.

What do you love/hate about surf culture as it pertains to female surf photographers? I love the style of female surf and underwater photographers, maybe because you can tell when a woman is behind the lens, can be the colours, the framing, the details…or the story behind. I don’t like to hear that we are weak or not strong enough to get out there… We are strong, we are capable, and if you love it just do it, but remember always to respect the ocean.

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