Meg Jacovino

Ocean City, New Jersey, USA

Years creating surf art: About 2

Instagram: @megjaydraws 

What/who inspired you to start creating surf art? I started creating surf art after my daughter, Indy, was born. In all the in between moments of caring for a newborn, I began drawing again as a way to care for myself. I started slowly, creating drawings while she slept, mostly images revolving around surfing and the sea, which I missed so much being out of the water recovering from child birth.

That practice of self care, taking the time to create, has given me such fulfillment. I really can’t describe how meaningful it is to me.

So now, even though Indy is 2 years old, and I’m back in the water much more, I’m still creating! I’m very inspired by the sea! By the sun, the moon, and the stars. My countless wipeouts, dreams of noseriding, and the feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave – a sort of quietness where there’s typically a lot of noise

Do you surf as well? Yes! I started surfing about 7 years ago, and as cliche as it sounds, it changed my life.

Besides just being so damn fun, surfing has given me such amazing gifts! I met my guy in the water, and we now have the most joyful little girl. I began creating drawings inspired by my love of the ocean, and it’s slowly turning into a dream job. It’s given me the gift of presence. It’s given me the tools to help battle fears and self doubt (always a work in progress in and out of the water). And it’s provided me with very meaningful friendships and a true sense of community. I could probably go on forever.

What is your favorite art piece, and why? My very dear and talented friend, Kristina Young, created a painting for me of a mother and her young daughter together on a surf board. The gentle way the mom is holding the girl’s hands, the flowers in their hair, the beautiful colors. It was such a thoughtful gift and held so much meaning for me. I cried when I saw it!

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