Jenny Joy Woudenberg

San Diego, California

Founder of New Waves Children's Books, JW Digital Marketing Agency

Years in Business: 5 months for children’s books, 7 years for the digital marketing agency

Instagram: @surfingwithmommy

What inspired you to start your digital marketing agency and publish children’s books? Human-focused marketing gives brands life—it turns an intangible brand into a persona that appeals to constant human truths: to believe, belong, and find meaning. This is why I created my own marketing agency, so I can partner exclusively with women-owned companies I truly believe in. While supporting the universal sisterhood of women lifting up our economy and each other, beautiful connections are created! Learn more about my agency: These human truths have also punctuated my “Out of Office” life. I find a deep sense of belonging when I am surfing, paddleboarding, or just splashing around the ocean with friends and family. This feeling has led me to volunteer with surf therapy nonprofits and overcoming an incredibly intimidating wave, writing a children’s book. As a new mother, I searched the internet for books about moms and their children surfing and exploring nature together. I found a wide variety of books, baby clothes, and blankets about surfing and going on adventures with dads. However, the internet is deprived of representing stories about exploring mother nature and surfing with mothers. This absence became the north star for my latest children’s book, Waves of Love: Surfing with Mommy. The book, written in the voice of my baby boy, teaches kids about pregnancy, surfing, and how to be an advocate of mother ocean!

How does your relationship to the ocean inspire you in creating your business? The ocean holds all – play, laughs, fears, strength, thrills, stress, fun, anxiety, love, wonder…every time I paddle out I feel restored and ready to handle whatever life on land brings me. Too often young kids and families get stuck behind screens that can wash away their connection to mother nature, sense of adventure, and just having fun. This can lead to experiencing waves of anxiety instead of waves of love for yourself and life. I want to share the magic I experience surfing and just playing in mother ocean via my books, marketing services, and surf school. Learn more about all three at: Our bodies are 70% water, and by being in the ocean, we feel a sense of belonging, like we are returning home. Everyone wants to live in a nice home and when the ocean is home, then we will mindfully act in ways that keep it beautiful!

In what ways are you striving to be a more ocean-friendly company? Part of the proceeds from my book goes towards surf-therapy and ocean conservation nonprofits such as Groundswell Community Project, Urban Surf 4 Kids, and Surfrider. Since joining Ocean is Female, I switched to mailing my book in 100% biodegradable mailers. I use demand printing, so the book is only printed when purchased. Parents can also download coloring book images that go along with the book at: Part of the coloring book proceeds also donated to ocean-related organizations!

What have been the most rewarding aspects of your business? I have received several emails from moms telling me how much they appreciate finally having a book that represents who they truly are – an adventurous surf momma who loves sharing the stoke with her children! They also share how this book has educated and inspired their young children to take action for the ocean. It is never too early to start living an ocean-friendly life! Our children are the future, and if loving our ocean is just a part of their daily life – then what a beautifully clean and happy future we will have!

As both ocean lovers and consumers, what do you think our main priorities should be? To live with intention. In the water, we are intentional about which waves we choose, so we should use that same mindfulness in how we consume.

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