Zoë Zadouroff

Biarritz, France

Photo Credits: @fredriclecoq @leomaig

Years Surfing: 9 years

Fave Board:  My longboard 9’0 (a performer longboard, perfect for powerful wave in Anglet)

Instagram: @Salty_zoe or @Salty_com

What/who got you started surfing?  Honestly, I started to surf in bad period in my young life … from the very beginning, surfing guaranteed me a real balance, a unique feeling of peace. I grew up with the ocean… to evaluate in water, trying to progress and beyond my limits.

What is your philosophy on surfing?  For me, the only way to get a good surf it’s to respect the ocean and try to listen our instinct in the water. Our sport is totally unique because we need to stay aware with our environment, try to understand wave, weather, ocean, … That’s more personal and introspective than playing football or tennis.

Best wipeout story? Last week in the shore break in Anglet.

Most memorable surf moment? My last best memory of surf was a few weeks ago, the spot of « LA NORD » was totally perfect, but huge for me. A friend convinced me to follow him. I was totally stressed, but took so many goods waves!

What do you love/hate about surf culture as it pertains to women surfers? The surf culture is progressing for the women, I’m happy to see it. Women surfers get more « media place » than few years ago and not only because they have a beautiful shape. I’m thinking about Stephanie Gilmore who manages her career with an amazing surf and a lot of style, she doesn’t need to make sexy photoshoots to prove her place in this « man’s industry ». We also can talk about Justine Dupont, she’s for one of the most complete athletes in Europe and I get a big respect for what she chooses to do in this industry. And what a big progress with the equal prize money on the world tour!!! We are on good way, I hope it’ll continue and be valorized to the maximum during the Olympics Games. Finally, what I love about girls in the surf culture- it’s just good stories with great surfer girls 

Fave surf spot? Most of our Basque surf spots and some Indonesian spot (Sumbawa, one of my favorite islands.)

How has your surfing life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? I manage my life to surf with my friends! So, surf guides my life I think.