Fave Board: Single fin longboard <3

Instagram: @summer_skin

Best wipeout story? Ha! Countless wipeouts!

But honestly the most memorable ones are the silly (stupid) ones. Like the day after I took a wave almost twice my height (when I’ve sworn to never ever take a wave bigger than me). So I made the drop. I survived the wave. My stoke level was over flowing. The next day, when the swell has passed and surf was about shoulder high. I felt so confident about being a better surfer. I thought I was invincible, because of my achievement the day before. I ended up in the clinic, with four stitches. It’s like life was trying to keep me grounded by literally slapping my face with a surfboard. Hahaha!

Most memorable surf moment? The first time I took a wave bigger than me, and the first time I got to hang 5 (I probably just got lucky) on a super glassy day, with only 8 of us in the water.

What do you love/hate about surf culture as it pertains to women surfers? I absolutely love being a woman who surfs. It’s very empowering and yet somehow graceful. There’s something about women who surf that is so captivating. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the lifestyle and the connection to nature that one has. Surfing has definitely made me not care about my imperfections. I am confident in my natural self, in and out of the water.

How has your surfing life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? I’ve been traveling long before I started surfing – Climbing mountains and exploring different islands and caves. Yet it was surfing that really opened my eyes to the effects of pollution to our ocean and the life under and above it. This inspired me to make a brand out of what I had been crafting for a while now (@parasadiwa). I make natural soaps and skin care products that travellers can opt to use, rather than the usual shelf bought stuff. I first made these things for myself so that I do not further pollute the ocean when I travel. Then I decided that I could share what I create, and that decision gave me a platform to be able to make the people I encounter aware that they have a choice when it comes to their consumerism.

I guess surfing really made me passionate about change, by being an example.