Artist Credit: Kristina Young

Surf Artist Stories

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Jennipher Marie

“Forget the butt shots and stereotypes that plague the world of women’s board sports. It is time for us to narrate the story. We will designs what we wear, shape the boards we ride and be behind the lens to showcase all our shapes, styles and colors. Her Waves strives to create a space where women can come together to tell the collective story of who we are, all while having fun surfing, skating and making cool shit together.

Lydia Manter

“I am hugely inspired by surfing and just the ocean in general. Surfing is one of the greatest joys in my life and to be able to create art inspired by one of my passions has been incredibly rewarding and fun. I originally started painting on surfboards a few years ago after a surf trip to Costa Rica. I met an artist from there who was painting boards for local pros and travelers, he could tell I was super enamored with the concept and he had me practice on a couple of beater boards of his. He taught me the process and I went home to Maui wanting to get my hands on as many boards as possible to paint on. I painted boards for a while and then surf fins mounted on frames, then that evolved more specifically to surf related illustration, especially in the last year or so.”

Meg Jacovino

“I started creating surf art after my daughter, Indy, was born. In all the in between moments of caring for a newborn, I began drawing again as a way to care for myself. I started slowly, creating drawings while she slept, mostly images revolving around surfing and the sea, which I missed so much being out of the water recovering from child birth. That practice of self care, taking the time to create, has given me such fulfillment. I really can’t describe how meaningful it is to me.”

Rhosanna Lowe

“I’ve always been creating art and so when I started surfing aged 18 I naturally began to focus on surf related artwork. But for the past 2-3 years I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator/artist and have focussed quite often on creating art related to nature, the ocean in particular and surfing.”

Kristina Young

“Surfing changed my life and my path. I never started painting until I started surfing. The ocean inspired me in ways I never thought possible. It lead me down my path as an artist and as an entrepreneur. I am forever grateful for all the ocean has given me. The ocean is where everything began.”

Danielle Black Lyons

“Surfing and art are my two great loves aside from my family. Both worlds have connected me to a community that I vibe with on such a high level. I have formed a sisterhood with these women and that really lights me up. I surf to keep my soul happy, my body strong and my temperament even. I get to connect with the earth and my tribe of ladysliders all in one beautiful session. Creating art is a soulful process that is more personal for me. From time to time I get to switch off from the world, get quiet, get weird, whatever I’m feeling I can just release that and create in my garage. It isn’t always easy or possible to make myself or my passions a priority as a parent, so when I do have that time I savor it. Surfing and art fulfill me in ways that make me do better. It’s all a trickle down and directly effects my relationships, my productivity at work and my daily life.”

Brooke Gudenau

“A lot of my latest illustrations are inspired by personal growth that I have been going through lately. It’s hard being vulnerable sometimes through what I make but I know that I am not the only girl who has felt certain lies or pressures that are put on us throughout life. I think my hope is that people may experience freedom through some of my silly little drawings:) freedom to be who they were created to be. Through that we learn self love and then we are able to pass that love along to others around us.”


“To become a surfer was my first big decision as an individual. I was 14, so all my choices after this had in consideration my dream. I decided to camp by the beach during summer holidays to learn how to surf, and a few years later i moved to Peniche to be close to the ocean. I created a surf clothing brand after the degree, and I started illustrating surf scenes after the masters. If I had chosen a career I would probably be archeologist. But the ocean teaches me so many things. Surfing is the best metaphor for life, as it truly connect us with the nature around and within. It makes us to reach different levels of consciousness. If I hadn’t started surfing I think I would be a totally different person, and not for the best! So I believe surfing made me a better being and a human with something to tell.”

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