Vendor Stories

We want to connect our vibrant community of ocean-lovers to some of the amazing entrepreneurs we have met along the way. These entrepreneurs are taking risks, supporting one another, and pushing boundaries. Their products are made for all women, all sizes, and are produced in a way to protect what we love: mama sea.

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Maxine Chapman & Nikki Remmel

“Running a company is very challenging and sometimes pretty isolating too. The ocean always connects us back to what we’re doing it for. Even when the challenges seem huge, if we’ve opened a couple people’s eyes to how their daily choices can protect our oceans, then it’s all pretty much a win from there! It’s really helpful to have your why.”

Corinna Dickenbrok

“Our big vision is that sustainable, ocean-friendly and fair-trade, fashion takes over the fast-fashion market share. Local and small brands arise and thrive while they are supporting those values. For our oceans specifically, I hope that we save the oceans to ensure safety for all of the species that live within it.”

Laura Day

“When I started surfing I immediately noticed the disconnect between the images that were advertised to us by surf companies and the women that I met in the water. The women I met were accomplished women; they were doctors lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, mothers…you name it! They had so much more depth to them than the ‘life’s a beach’ images that surf ads conveyed. These women and this community inspired me! I knew that I wanted to create a new kind of surf brand. One that would highlight the uniqueness and beauty of every woman, not just an industry standard. So I combined my passions of design, sewing, surfing & entrepreneurship and created @iaerasurf.”

Kristina Young

“Surfing changed my life and my path. I never started painting until I started surfing. The ocean inspired me in ways I never thought possible. It lead me down my path as an artist and as an entrepreneur. I am forever grateful for all the ocean has given me. The ocean is where everything began.”

Cathy Tran + David Phan

“We’re both big nature and ocean people. We love to surf, scuba dive, swim, and be outside. For us, it only makes sense to do and support a consumption that is sustainable and saves the environment. We started Huppy because we wanted to make it easy for people to switch over from everyday plastic. Plastic, especially toothpaste tubes that cannot be recycled, lasts forever, end up in our ocean and our food chain as micro-plastics! We started with oral-care because it is one of the simple switches you can make that has such impactful outcomes. We brush our teeth twice a day, everyday (some more, some less!). Imagine the impact of that!”

Ashley Norris & Jess Lowcher

“Ashley’s oldest daughter had started to show an interest in surfing but was nervous about getting hurt. Since Ashley is a professor in Early Childhood Education, she naturally started to search for books with main characters and storylines that her daughter would find relatable. Unfortunately, the were not many options available that addressed real life concerns for kids starting action sport or the had girls as the main character in action sports. That needed to change. “

Vicky Durand

“When reflecting on my life, I realized my greatest influence was my dynamic mother, a women who navigated her life with joyful passion and believed anything exciting was worth trying at least once.”

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