Alexa Liccardi

New Jersey, USA

Photo Credits: Randy Wright

Randy Wright

Years in surf photography: 2 years

Favorite Camera: Nikonos V!

Instagram: @alexaliccardi_ & @sweeetblues

Photography website:

What is your philosophy on surf photography? My philosophy is to keep it simple and let the right moments find you. I hardly ever jump into the water with my camera knowing what shot I’m going for or with a specific outcome in mind. The Nikonos is a special camera and has a way of materializing a moment in ways that no one could ever plan. The ocean, surfing, swimming with friends or taking pictures are all supposed to be fun. Never take it too seriously! Always let the ocean keep you humble. 

What is your favorite time of day to take photos? Waking up at sunrise is one of my favorite traditions when shooting! It’s one of the only times I ever truly feel alone with the ocean and I also enjoy how calm, peaceful and quiet it is.

How has your surf photography life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? I love this question. Pursuing ocean photography has completely changed the course of my life on land. It gave me direction that I never knew I needed but subconsciously have always been seeking. It’s been so much fun to find a community of people who love photography, surfing, creativity, environmentalism and so many other traits connected to the ocean. It’s definitely brought me closer to people who I would not have found otherwise. And of course, being able to find a medium that brings people together who share love for one thing is insanely special and rewarding.

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