Brooke Gudenau

California, USA

Years creating surf art: I’m not sure about surf art but ever since I was a little tot I was doing art. I started with drawing pictures in the dirt. I remember my mom spraying shaving cream on our kitchen counters and she would let me draw pictures with my fingers haha, my mom was always encouraging creativity.

Instagram: @bevyandbrine 

Is being a female surf artist come with its own set of challenges? A lot of my latest illustrations are inspired by personal growth and challenges that I face. It’s hard being vulnerable sometimes through what I make but I know that I am not the only girl who has felt certain lies or pressures that are put on us throughout life. I think my hope is that people may experience freedom through some of my illustrations. freedom to be who they were created to be and look how ever they want to look. Through that we learn self love and then we are able to pass that love along to others around us.

Do you surf as well? I do. I cant go a day without it.

What is your favorite surf art piece and why? I have been working with resin a lot lately, I really enjoy that process. I use a local surf photographers photos and add some illustrations of my own along with pressed flowers or other fun things. The different mediums and collaboration with other artists always make it more fun and inspiring for me.

Surf art goals? I think I hesitate having surf and art goals to be honest. I am a very in the moment person. I feel as though when I have goals I get too hyper focused on them and miss out on what’s happening and enjoying what’s going on right in front of me. I believe in the path art and surfing both has lead me. It’s never lead me astray so I continue to have faith in that. Just saying yes each day and following where ever it leads me or to whoever they lead me. I have met so many beautiful people and places through art and surfing. I am forever thankful for them.

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