Chrissana Wilmot

San Juan, Trinidad, West Indies

Years Surfing: I started surfing about 9 years ago but only really started consistently about 4/5 years ago

Fave Board: I LOVE longboards!!!

Instagram: @sandycurlz

Why do you surf? I surf because it just feels so damn good! Because salt water is good for my soul. I wish I had a more profound answer to that question but the truth is, I don’t know why I surf. It’s like asking why are we attracted to something or someone and we don’t know why…you just are and it is what it is. What I do know is that I’ll continue to surf for as long as I can because it’s literally changed my life! I’ve forged the most genuine and lifelong relationships because of this sport. I’ve had experiences of a lifetime presented to me through surfing and I know there will be many more as long as I continue to ride that wave (cheesy pun intended :P)

Who/what got you started surfing? I wish I could pinpoint the starting point of my love affair with surfing. Growing up the Caribbean and being the product of not one, but two islands (Trinidad & Barbados) my inclination and fascination with all things water/ocean has been a part of me long before I even knew myself! But I have to give credit to my dad for always fueling that love by taking my sister and I to the beach practically every weekend to body board. I became hooked but of course I needed to evolve and surfing, in my mind, was a natural progression.  Sadly, surfing is an expensive sport and my parents didn’t have a clue of where to start let alone afford it. In the meantime I stuck to sponging and made ESPN clips of surfing on the television suffice for a few years until I could afford to support this beautifully expensive yet addictive habit 🙂

What is your philosophy on the ocean? People say that time heals all but I think the Ocean does it faster and better! In my opinion, there’s no place more magical than the Ocean! Being underwater, the ability to co-exist with other perfectly designed creations of God in an environment that’s not naturally ours, to be in a space that’s so visually stimulating while synonymously offering a level of clarity and peace… THAT can’t be bought in a bottle!

What’s it like being one of few girls out there? Quite fun! Thankfully, in the years I’ve been surfing I’ve only been exposed to positive environments. I must admit though, it tends to be an extra special feeling when you’re a part of a small crew of female surfers in the line-up! Even better on those off days when we outnumber the boys! Guys are sometimes so gruff and “too cool” to exchange a few friendly words with someone they obviously have something in common with. Girls on the other hand, will typically, if if not always, make it the most welcoming space for others! A non-stop giggle fest that the boys will just roll their eyes at because they’ll never understand!