Jennipher Marie

San Diego, California,


Founder of Her Waves

Years Surfing: Off & on for 15 years, seriously for 4

Fave Board: 6.0 thruster shaped by Michale Baron of Byrne Surfboards

Instagram: @herwavesco

What do you love about surf culture as it pertains to women surfers? I love how communal surfing can be. When you meet other women who surf you are so excited because you know they get you. In my relationship, I surf and my BF doesn’t so I don’t join in when my girlfriends complain about their men surfing too much and I’ve found a tribe of ladies that understand me, who I can surf with, travel with and who push me to be a better person and surfer.

How women are portrayed and marketed too in surfing just doesn’t resonate with me. If sexy ladies holding boards inspires you then great, or if “Sun your buns” is your slogan, awesome. Women are beautiful and sexy and I’m not trying to discount that but we are more than that. We are tough, rebellious, funny. We come in different shapes, colors and from different backgrounds. Some have been surfing their whole lives or just starting and I want to see and hear from these ladies more. I want us to narrate our story, design what we wear and decide together what our surf culture will be.

What inspired you to start Her Waves? Wanting to support all the amazing female artists I admire. I followed them on Instagram and purchased their prints but wondered, why they didn’t have a stronger voice in representing female surf culture.

As someone who is obsessed with surfing, I just didn’t resonate with current surf brands and wanted to change that. 

What is Her Waves mission? Her Waves creates surf-inspired designs with artists from around the world. We are on a mission to help you express your passion for surfing and to support creative women in and out of the water.

We live and breathe surfing and artist expression. From those just starting out to the more established, we work with and promote unique, passionate female artists from around the world. Each artist we work with is paid and supported through our network. Your purchase supports these artists while guaranteeing you are getting a high quality, limited edition item to wear, hang on your wall, or stick on your car.

What are your main obstacles in running an ocean-friendly company? Time and money. 

It is true that using eco-fabrics, packaging, and making your products locally, is more expensive. I wish it weren’t the case but it is. It requires more upfront investment to buy organic or other earth-friendly materials and making things in the US is more always more expensive. It is not easy but it is worth it. We make small batches of each design to reduce waste and to give you a chance to own something truly unique, like the artist behind the design. 
Time – I work more hours than I ever have and it is never enough. So many things I want to do and improve and I have to be selective and spend my time wisely. 
What have been the most successful/rewarding aspects of your business? Definitely working with and getting to know all the creative ladies behind the brand. The artists we’ve worked with have become family and I love them so much. Seeing the excitement for their designs is what motivates me to keep going and building this brand.
How has your surfing life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? Surfing is the only thing that allows me to be completely present and in the moment. Surfing is my church and my therapy. It is my exercise and favorite past time. It is my hobby and obsession. It has brought me so much lust for life and my one wish is that everyone can find something that brings them as much joy in life as surfing has for me.