Jennipher Wilson

San Diego, California,


Founder of Her Waves

Years Surfing: Off & on for 15 years, seriously for 4

Fave Board: 6.0 thruster shaped by Michale Baron of Byrne Surfboards

Instagram: @herwavesco

What do you love about surf culture as it pertains to women surfers? I love how communal surfing can be. When you meet other women who surf you are so excited because you know they get you. In my relationship, I surf and my BF doesn’t so I don’t join in when my girlfriends complain about their men surfing too much and I’ve found a tribe of ladies that understand me, who I can surf with, travel with and who push me to be a better person and surfer.

How women are portrayed and marketed too in surfing just doesn’t resonate with me. If sexy ladies holding boards inspires you then great, or if “Sun your buns” is your slogan, awesome. Women are beautiful and sexy and I’m not trying to discount that but we are more than that. We are tough, rebellious, funny. We come in different shapes, colors and from different backgrounds. Some have been surfing their whole lives or just starting and I want to see and hear from these ladies more. I want us to narrate our story, design what we wear and decide together what our surf culture will be.

What inspired you to start Her Waves? It started with me looking for surf-inspired clothing that fit my style. I’m not very beachy so the current styles for women don’t resonate with me. I had a hard time finding designs that were cool/edgy but not too masculine. So, I created some myself and printed them up on some tees. I’d wear them around Encinitas, a lot of ladies would ask me where I got them. That was the first sign that maybe I should think about selling them.

I took my first two designs, Surfboards > Diamonds, and Surf Scribbles and printed them on some super soft tees and launched an online store.

Also, I’ve really admired all the amazing female surf artists out there and thought, wouldn’t it be great if all designs were done by female artists? I reached out to a few and I have been stoked to learn, they are excited to collaborate with Her Waves!

What is Her Waves mission? I want to take how we (females) are represented in surf culture and turn it on its head. Adventure, femininity, rebellion, hope, and love – this is what we’re made of. Forget the butt shots and stereotypes that plague the world of women’s board sports. It is time for us to narrate the story. We will design what we wear, shape the boards we ride and be behind the lens to showcase all our shapes, styles and colors.

Her Waves strives to create a space where women can come together to tell the collective story of who we are, all while having fun surfing, skating and making cool shit together.

How has your surfing life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? Surfing is the only thing that allows me to be completely present and in the moment. Surfing is my church and my therapy. It is my exercise and favorite past time. It is my hobby and obsession. It has brought me so much lust for life and my one wish is that everyone can find something that brings them as much joy in life as surfing has for me. 

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