Photo Credit: @noellejonesart 

Steffi Bidochka

Cranbrook, British Columbia

Photo Credits: @noellejonesart 

Surfer: Kalon Bruhwhiler-Temple

Photo credit: @noellejonesart 

Photo Credits: @isabel.a

Years Surfing: 7 months! (newb)

Fave Board: Maren Voile  8ft! It’s a dream!

Instagram: @steffijadee

What/who got you started surfing? I grew up with an intense love for the ocean, which was strange to everyone around me in my little landlocked hometown. My mom shared this love and I remember she would pull up live surf cams of Cali and Australia and we would watch the surfers every morning from the time I was 6 years old. My mom is definitely where the love of ‘the idea of’ surfing and the ocean came from, but the moment I got on a board for the first time was the beginning of the love/addiction for me.

Most memorable surf moment? I was out surfing one evening and I was just not having the greatest session. My board smashed my head on a pretty big wipeout and everything was feeling like a bit of a struggle, so I paddled in and walked back to my car. I didn’t feel ready to leave the ocean for the day however, so I grabbed my camera and made my way back out to the water. I didn’t expect to get any magical shots, as it was a very gloomy day, but I just wanted to be with the ocean a bit longer. As I walked up I noticed one of the junior local pro’s was out and pulling some pretty sweet tricks so I started snapping some photos of him. Just as I did there was a tiny break in the clouds. An almost perfect little circle opened up just in front of where the sun was and it shone down onto him like a spotlight. The colours around him became the most surreal, majestic golden hue and I captured him successfully pulling off one trick before the clouds quickly closed again and the magic was over. I actually started dancing around out of joy at the magic I was just able to capture. I sprinted back to my car and immediately went home to check out the shot. It wasn’t technically my surf moment but I felt such a strong connection to the sport, the ocean, and the surfer in that moment and it has stayed with me ever since.

Who are your surf heroes, and why? Honestly, the Norris siblings would be my surf heroes. They are just kids and they absolutely SHRED! I think it’s amazing to see tiny little groms that have zero fear and they just send it with so much style.. I would be stoked to be half as good as they are.

How has your surfing life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? I can’t even put into words the amount surfing and connecting with the ocean has affected my life on land. I have struggled with anxiety my entire life, sometimes it can be so debilitating that I end up unable to leave my bedroom for anything. Surfing somehow erases that. It can be the absolute worst surf of my life, and it is still the best time. It doesn’t matter if I am catching amazing waves or having hilarious wipeouts and missing every single wave that passes me, I leave the water feeling so peaceful, re-energized and genuinely happy. I have begun to use surfing as a form of therapy almost; if I am starting to feel anxious I just hop into my car by myself or grab a friend to join me and hit the water. It’s like the anxiety is washed away by the cold, salty ocean water. This may be a bold statement, but surfing has actually changed my life and I am going to be forever grateful that I get the opportunity to do it every single day.